Hello, World!

20 Mar 2016

My name is Luke, AKA BlueSalt Labs. For those of you who understand what the title of this post is referencing, I hope you can appreciate why I chose it. For those of you who don’t, please click here: “Hello, World!” program - Wikipedia

The story of why I started BlueSalt Labs is a bit long, and it’s not really important anymore. The current purpose is a little different: I have many coding-related ideas and passions, and BlueSalt Labs will become the outlet for that passion. However, this whole thing will be a huge learning experience, and I’m just getting started.

Company Name

To explain why I chose the name BlueSalt Labs, I will break down each part of the name.


The color blue represents inspiration, imagination, freedom, intelligence, and depth, among many other things. I aim to emulate these traits in my code.


Salt has been has many different uses: it adds flavor to food, it’s a preservative and disinfectant, it’s been used as currency, etc. etc. The point is that it’s everywhere and it’s valuable. Code has many of these same properties.


Blue salt, specifically Chalcanthite is a unique type of salt. The fact that this type of salt exists was a coincidence, but the more I read about it, the more I liked the coincidence. This only further solidified (crystallized?) my name choice.


Besides sounding awesome, a lab (i.e. laboratory) is a place for research, testing, production, and other scientific activities. It implies a clean, organized environment. I aim to emulate these traits in my work in general.

The choice in logo should be relatively obvious, but for those interested, here is the original sketch:


The letters BSL are actually in the logo. It’s alright if you can’t see it; this was more of a failed easter egg than anything else.

I will attempt to write one of these posts at least once a month and as I have more to say, twice a month. This journey should be a lot of fun, so stick around!

- Luke